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Fritz & Arlo

Multi-Use Porcelain Can Batch 2 Can 11

Multi-Use Porcelain Can Batch 2 Can 11

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Batch 2, Edition 11 of 12

Batch 2 of our signature cans are slip-cast in Troy porcelain and wood-fired, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. This novelty art object can act as a vase for your flowers or bowl for your flower. (For tobacco use only, of course!) 


Troy porcelain

Our ceramics handmade by us, and are all one of a kind. Please review sizes before purchasing.  Variations in finish, size, material or texture should be seen as features, not imperfections. Colors may vary due to computer monitors and devices.

Discounted, samples, or seconds are sold final sale. No returns or refunds offered, unless the item is not as described, and we will determine the appropriate action if that is the case. 

We're trying to protect ourselves, not be jerks. We just want you, the custome,r and us, the people making things, to be happy.


~4"h x 2" x 2"

Care information

Ceramic is inherently fragile and pieces should be treated with care.  Please see the descriptions for water-holding capability. 

Please note that our wood fired porcelain is very hard and may have a textured surface, please use care to not scratch delicate surfaces.

Glazes may discolor if they are used with a highly staining liquid (coffee, tea, red wine) over their lifetime. This should be thought of as the item's memory, and a feature.

Not microwave safe.  Not dishwasher safe.

Clean cans with care and warm soapy water, or q-tips, isopropyl alcohols and a pin.

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